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Bingham's Professional Pest Management knows a systematic approach of pest control is required to keep bugs at bay. Choosing the right treatment and procedure using pesticide sprays and baits will ensure pests are eliminated from your home in the most efficient manner.

Pest Identification

Need help identifying a bug? Bingham's provides free pest identification.

  •  Termites
  •  Roaches
  •  Fire Ants
  •  Fleas
  •  Lice
  •  Spiders
  •  Ticks
  •  Cockroaches
  •  Dust Mites
  •  Wasps
  •  Flies
  •  Mosquitoes
  •  Bed Bugs
  •  Ear Wigs
  •  Silver Fish
  •  Bees
  •  Beetle

Rodents Too

Bingham's Professional Pest Management can help you identify and prevent your home from being invaded by:

  •  Rats
  •  Mice
  •  Squirrels
  •  Raccoons (Racoons)

From one time pest treatment to year-round coverage, Bingham's has pest treatment plans for any size home, condo or apartment.